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"Forward positions" visited by Shoigu turns out to be Crimea's north

Tuesday, 20 December 2022, 03:50
Forward positions visited by Shoigu turns out to be Crimea's north

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation recently reported that Sergei Shoigu had inspected the "forward positions of Russian units." However, it turned out that the Defence Minister was dozens of kilometres away from the front line.

Sources: GeoConfirmed project on Twitter, Radio Liberty on Telegram

Details: On 18 December, Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, inspected one of the occupiers’ groups of forces in the area of the so-called "special operation", as the war in Ukraine is called in Russia. 


At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported that Shoigu "flew over the areas where troops are deployed and checked the forward positions of Russian units."

"On the front line, Sergei Shoigu spoke with Russian servicemen and thanked the personnel for the exemplary performance of combat missions," the Ministry said in a statement.

However, the GeoConfirmed project found that, despite the statement of the Russian ministry, in the video published by the department, Shoigu was tens of kilometres from the forward positions of the occupiers.


Volunteers of the project geolocated the places that the minister was inspecting from the window of the helicopter. It turned out that the trenches, which were caught in the camera lens and over which Shoigu flew, are located at a distance of 85 kilometres from the front line.


The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation was in the north of Crimea, near the city of Armiansk. 

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