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Russians destroy school and damage historical building in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, one person killed

Saturday, 24 December 2022, 15:08
Russians destroy school and damage historical building in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, one person killed

As a result of a Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia Oblast, a school was destroyed; houses and a historical building were damaged, and the body of a resident who died on Thursday was discovered.

Source: police in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

наслідки обстрілу Запорізької області, фото поліції

Quote: "This night, the occupiers used S-300 anti-aircraft missiles against civilians in the village of Lezhyne, Zaporizhzhia district. A completely destroyed school, damaged houses and a historical building – these are the consequences of another act of "demilitarisation" by the Russian Federation" that the police documented.


The rockets hit the building of a local educational facililty and completely destroyed it. In nearby houses, the explosive wave blew out windows, damaged facades and roofs, fences...

In addition, a historical building in the district center of the Huliaipole hromada [an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories]  was under fire. Fragments of projectiles damaged the facades and the roof of the premises.


The civilian population of the region suffers from the armed aggression of the occupiers. Yesterday, the body of a 40-year-old woman was found in one of the settlements of the Polohy district; she died from shrapnel wounds received during the shelling that took place the day before."


Details: For all facts of war crimes, evidentiary materials have been collected and criminal proceedings have been opened under Part 1, Part 2 of Art. 438 (Violation of laws and customs of war) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


The police also informed that over the past day, 1,053 people, including 98 children, were evacuated by rail from the city of Zaporizhzhia to the cities of Lviv, Chop and Kovel.

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