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US to equip Ukrainian HIMARS with additional fire control systems

Wednesday, 28 December 2022, 18:15
US to equip Ukrainian HIMARS with additional fire control systems

The US will purchase 18 sets of International Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems (IFATDS), automatised artillery fire control systems, that are designed for Ukraine’s HIMARS missile systems. 

Source: Official contract, published on the US Government procurement website; Ukrainian portal Militarnyi 

Details: IFTADS are presumably going to be installed on 18 new M142 HIMARS missile systems that will be manufactured for Ukraine within the framework of the USAI program. 

Illustrative photo on the subject of IFATDS

For reference: The IFATDS are designed for integration and operation with the information from various sources in order to create a general operative picture of fire support. 

This is a network of computer workstations that process and exchange information. They transfer data from the front observer to the unit which provides fire support.

The system’s functions include automatic processing of requests for fire with сonfigured management, creating several tactical decisions for fire, decentralised decision-making, monitoring of a mission’s performance, etc. 

PHOTо: US Pacific Fleet

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