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Collaborator-Kiva associate blown up in Melitopol

Tuesday, 6 December 2022, 13:02
Collaborator-Kiva associate blown up in Melitopol

On the morning of 6 December, Mykola Volyk, a local collaborator, was blown up in the temporarily occupied city of Melitopol – he is at the hospital.

Source: National Resistance Center; Ivan Fedorov, Mayor of Melitopol, on Telegram

Quote: "On 6 December, an explosion sounded in Melitopol, as a result of which Mykola Volyk, a local traitor, was injured."


Details: Reportedly, the explosion occurred at 6:30 near the house where the collaborator lives. Volyk was taken to the hospital.

The collaborator "covered" local businesses, promising them "protection from the occupiers".

Those who refused to pay were thrown into a cellar.

Fedorov reminded that before the full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine, Volyk was a head of a local filial of the Socialist party and was a member of the Melitopol district council.

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