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Russian Defence Ministry intimidates with new weapons in 2023

Tuesday, 10 January 2023, 09:43
Russian Defence Ministry intimidates with new weapons in 2023

The Ministry of Defence of Russia has been spreading through its propaganda media outlets information about new military equipment and missiles supposedly appearing in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 2023.

Source: Kremlin-aligned news outlet TASS, citing the Ministry of Defence of Russia

Details: It is stated that four submarines and 12 surface ships will go into service with the Russian army later this year. 


In addition, the Ministry of Defence has threatened to increase the supplies of Kinzhal and Tsirkon high-precision hypersonic missile systems and continue working on other "promising samples".

Moreover, the Defence Ministry is bragging about reinforcing its so-called nuclear triad. It is reported that the Russian army will receive in 2023 the following:

  • 22 launchers containing Yars, Avangard and Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles;
  • Three Tu-160 strategic missile carriers;
  • The Emperor Alexander III nuclear submarine of the Borey-A project 

Why this is important: This information appeared against the background of the massive supplies of Western weapons to Ukraine.

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