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Haidai describes cities in Luhansk Oblast which have "ceased to exist" due to constant fighting

Thursday, 12 January 2023, 15:39
Haidai describes cities in Luhansk Oblast which have ceased to exist due to constant fighting

Serhii Haidai, Head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, has said that over more than four months of heavy fighting, the Russians have effectively destroyed Bilohorivka, Popasna, and the settlements along the line from Kreminna: Kreminna, Rubizhne, Zolote, Hirske and Lysychansk.

Source: a briefing by Haidai on 12 January 

Quote: "The territory of Luhansk Oblast can be roughly divided into three parts: one part was occupied back in 2014, the second part was occupied without heavy fighting after 24 February 2022, and there is a part of the oblast where a line can notionally be drawn from Kreminna: Kreminna, Rubizhne, Zolote, Hirske, Lysychansk and Popasna.


The active phase of hostilities has been going on there for four and a half months. Some settlements such as Bilohorivka - although that is not the only one - and the city of Popasna have ceased to exist altogether. As a result of the constant hostilities and attacks, we have had thousands of strikes every day, ranging from mortars to aerial bombs.

All the critical infrastructure there is in ruins. The water supply system has been completely destroyed. The Popasna water utility and all its infrastructure were located near Bilohorivka. The entire water supply system, pumps, compressors, treatment facilities – everything has been destroyed.

The electricity substations have been destroyed. Kreminna's expensive modern substation, one of the best in Europe, has been destroyed. It was able to meet the demand of the entire oblast.

Everything related to sewerage and gas supply – everything has been strategically destroyed. The occupiers tried to repair it here and there, but that was more for the cameras. After they were connected to the gas supply, houses began to blow up because the infrastructure was damaged.

As for water, there is no water anywhere in the big cities. They even recommissioned the wells, but when there was fierce fighting, a lot of people were killed. No one took the bodies away for a long time. It was summer, it was 32-34 degrees. All these substances from the corpses got into the ground, and people who drank that water started to get sick."

Details: According to Haidai, there are fewer problems in rural areas due to the autonomy of the infrastructure. However, gathering firewood is difficult. There is not enough, and there are many cases of people being blown up by mines while they were looking for wood.

Haidai added that fierce battles are currently taking place on the Svatovo-Kreminna front and the second front – the area of Bilohorivka.

Quote: "Why do I say ‘area’? In the end, there remained 100 pieces of enemy equipment in the area of the river crossing, and about 500 enemy fighters were killed by our defenders.

But both before and after that, the area of Bilohorivka was simply destroyed by frantic bombardment, and it is still being attacked by heavy artillery, and tanks, and aerial bombs, and missiles. So today, unfortunately, the settlement of Bilohorivka no longer exists...

Quite serious fighting is going on there. Our defence forces are holding their positions there, they have even improved them a little and are giving the occupying forces no opportunity to advance.

As for the Svatovo-Kreminna front, success is on the side of our defence forces there. They are gradually liberating Luhansk Oblast and de-occupation is underway…"

Details: Haidai urged people not to expect a powerful breakthrough by the Armed Forces. He said the occupiers had prepared a strong line of defence and carefully mined the entire territory: "Here, literally, every metre of Luhansk Oblast is being gained under very tough conditions."

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