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Ukraine carries out "cybersecurity revolution" amid Russian attacks

Friday, 13 January 2023, 08:49
Ukraine carries out cybersecurity revolution amid Russian attacks

General Aymeric Bonnemaison, Head of the French Cyber Defence Command (COMCYBER), has stated that Ukraine has managed to perform "a real revolution" by going upmarket in its cyber security, having suffered high-level cyberattacks. 

Source: Bonnemaison at a press conference on Thursday, as reported by European Pravda, citing Euractiv

Details: "Cyberattacks, including those of Russian origin, have been harming Ukraine and its critical infrastructure since at least 2014", Bonnemaison said. Ukraine, on the other hand, has responded by stepping up its cybersecurity capabilities, allowing it to carry out "a real revolution by going upmarket in its cybersecurity," he added. 


General Bonnemaison explained in December 2022, during closed sessions in the French National Assembly, the content of which was published on Thursday, that Ukraine had been working on its vulnerabilities together with Western cyber states, primarily the United States. 

He has called this support "crucial" and "the bringing of Ukrainian standards and procedures closer to Western models". This allows for rapid sharing of signs of an attack and the first technical tools to protect against it. 

The General highly rated the resilience and efficiency of Ukrainian cybersecurity, adding that he is satisfied that Russian cyberattacks "are much less impactful and effective than expected."

Bonnemaison said that Ukraine could have been "brought to her knees", but this did not happen. Quite the opposite: Ukraine has an advantage in defence now, which is "a real paradigm shift" and helps the Ukrainian state to contain, reorganise and "use other systems to bounce back…with great creativity and innovation" in terms of cybersecurity. 

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