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Ukraine's Foreign Minister: 5 countries ready to transfer Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, they are waiting for Germany's decision

Friday, 13 January 2023, 21:19

In addition to Poland and Finland, three other countries have non-publicly agreed to transfer western Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, if Germany, as the manufacturing country, agrees to this.

Source: Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, in an interview with journalist Vadym Karpiak, as reported by European Pravda

According to Kuleba, Ukraine is "objectively half a step away from solving the issue of tanks".


"The French struck the first, let's say, blow on this wall from a light-wheeled tank... The French are doing great, they took the first step. Then the Poles... But the promise of Leopard is the second such step. It encouraged other countries that had previously sat quietly and whispered to us that they were ready to hand over the Leopard to come out and say ‘basically, we are also ready to do this’," the Minister said.

As an example, the Foreign Minister cited Finland, where they have already stated their readiness to provide Ukraine with a batch of tanks, although small, given the threat from Russia.

"And I know at least three other countries that are ready to do this, but they don't talk about it yet, because they want to say it out loud only when they are one hundred percent sure that the Germans will come out and say ‘we are for it’," Kuleba added.

Later, he clarified that together with Poland and Finland, "we already have five countries that are ready to transfer [tanks – ed.], but they are waiting for the issues with Germany to be resolved."

Earlier, Poland announced that it is ready to hand over a company of Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine in a coalition with partners. But on Friday, the German government stated that it has not yet received an official request from Poland for the supply of the Leopard main battle tank to Ukraine.

At the same time, according to Bloomberg sources, the German federal government may announce a decision on the supply of western tanks to Ukraine next week.

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