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Security Service of Ukraine considers several avenues of investigation into helicopter crash in Brovary

Wednesday, 18 January 2023, 12:11
Security Service of Ukraine considers several avenues of investigation into helicopter crash in Brovary

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has started proceedings due to the crash of the helicopter in Brovary. Among the main avenues of investigation are the following: violation of flight rules, technical malfunction and intentional actions.

Source: SSU

Quote: "SSU investigators have started a pre-trial investigation into the cause of the helicopter crash in Brovary, Kyiv Oblast.


Currently, several avenues of investigation of the tragedy are being considered, including:

  • violation of flight rules;
  • technical malfunction of the helicopter;
  • deliberate actions to destroy the helicopter".

Details: Currently, SSU employees are conducting investigative and operational measures to establish causality and find out the tragedy's details.

Preliminary information indicates that at least 16 people, including three children, have been killed as a result of the tragedy. 30 people were hospitalised, including 12 children.

Investigators from the National Police, Security Service and State Bureau of Investigation are continuing to work at the scene of the tragedy. The police are doing door-to-door rounds, interviewing witnesses. The law enforcement officers urge witnesses of the flight of the State Emergency Service’s helicopter to contact them and provide evidence.

Representatives from the National Police and the Air Force noted that it was too early to talk about the preliminary causes of the helicopter crash in Brovary. A state commission will be created, involving various aviation experts.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported that the Super Puma ЕС-225 helicopter (flight number 54) of the State Emergency Service was repeatedly engaged in tasks for the transportation of personnel to emergency sites. This helicopter was used most frequently from among the aircraft belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ system, given its ability to transport a sufficient number of people at the same time. The crew of the helicopter was trained to perform tasks under difficult conditions, and had the required number of hours of flight time on EU 225 helicopters.


  • On the morning of 18 January, a helicopter crashed near a kindergarten in Brovary in Kyiv Oblast, causing a fire to break out. 
  • The helicopter crash has killed the top leadership of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs: Denys Monastyrskyi, Minister of Internal Affairs; Yevhen Yenin; First Deputy Interior Minister, and Yurii Lubkovych, State Secretary of the Interior Ministry are among those killed. 
  • Kyrylo Tymoshenko, Deputy Head of the President’s Office, said that the helicopter crash in Brovary occurred during a flight by Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyi to one of Ukraine’s hotspots where fighting is ongoing.

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