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Helicopter crash in Brovary: police interrogate over 2,000 potential witnesses

Thursday, 19 January 2023, 17:29
Helicopter crash in Brovary: police interrogate over 2,000 potential witnesses

The National Police of Ukraine has reported that more than 2,000 potential witnesses of the helicopter crash in Brovary city have been interrogated. The tragedy claimed the lives of 14 people, including the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and one child.

Source: Mariana Reva, the spokesperson for the National Police of Ukraine; the press service of the National Police of Ukraine

Quote: "In total, 300 potential witnesses were questioned on site or turned in to the police themselves. Moreover, door-to-door  visits were conducted as well.


In total, over 2,000 people were questioned. All these materials, as well as the photos and videos that we received from the eyewitnesses, will be accumulated, analysed and operatively transferred to the corresponding law enforcement agency that is conducting the investigation."

Details: Reva has noted that an interdepartmental investigation group has been set up to investigate all the circumstances of the crash.

The police investigators will be involved in the investigation, but the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) will be in charge.

She has stated that five investigative teams were working on site. Specifically, forensic experts, patrol officers, juvenile prevention officers and district police officers.

Reva has specified that 10 people were on board of the helicopter: three crew members, Denys Monastryrskyi, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Yevheniy Yenin, his first deputy head, Yurii Lubkovych, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Tetiana Shutiak, deputy head of the patronage service, Mykhailo Pavlushko and Andrii Marynchenko, the two bodyguards of the Minister, and Mykola Anatskyi, a photographer.

The crew members were Oleksandr Vasylenko, Kostiantyn Kovalenko and Ivan Kasianov.

There is also information about 25 people injured, including 11 children.

At the moment, four children are undergoing inpatient treatment in the burn unit in Kyiv, and their condition is critical but stable. Seven children were released from the hospital.

Four adults are undergoing inpatient treatment in the Brovary Central district hospital and they are in satisfactory condition.

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