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German BILD journalist injured in Ukraine

Monday, 2 January 2023, 21:42
German BILD journalist injured in Ukraine

BILD journalist Björn Stritzel, who covers the Russian war in Ukraine, received a shrapnel wound while on duty.

Source: BILD editor-in-chief Johannes Boyer and injured Stritzel on Twitter 

Quote: "BILD correspondent Bjorn Stritzel has been injured by shrapnel while covering Russian aggression in Ukraine.


He’s safe (as safe as possible) and the injury is not too bad. However, this is a reminder of all the hardship reporters are going through to tell the truth."

Details: Stritzel himself reported that he got cut on the forehead by a glass splinter while having dinner. 

He presumes that the target was most likely a train station located around the corner; the journalist also said that there were a couple of other explosions.

Stritzel Quote: "I am fine, just a cut on the forehead most likely by glass splinter. Was having dinner when the blast happened (not quite sure about the ordnance, haven’t found any debris yet).

My best guess is it was some part of a missile coming down close by.

The target was most likely a train station located around the corner, though I haven’t seen any big impact site yet, as one would expect for missiles with a bigger warhead. The location is out of range of RF artillery and Uragan also, so it is also possible that it was an UAV."

The journalist did not report his whereabouts in Ukraine, but he published photos and videos from Bakhmut and Svatove at the end of December. 

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