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Ombudsman will meet "Russian Ombudsman" to discuss release of captured civilians

Monday, 2 January 2023, 22:49
Ombudsman will meet Russian Ombudsman to discuss release of captured civilians

Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets said that he is planning a meeting with the Russian Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova regarding the release of prisoners, including civilians.

Source: Lubinets on Facebook

Quote: "We are not the problem, it is the Russian Federation, because the Russian Federation now wants a separate discussion regarding civilians.


We will discuss it this month. I would not like to rush ahead, because I understand that society is not interested in the process; society wants to get results.

But this month we will have a meeting with Moskalkova [Ombudsman of the Russian Federation – ed.], where we will separately discuss the issue of the release of civilians. On our side, there are many well-developed options. But we do not know whether the Russian Federation will agree to them."

Details: According to him, 1,596 citizens were freed from Russian captivity.


Lubinets added that negotiations with the Russian Federation regarding the return of captured Ukrainians to Ukraine also took place on 2 January.

The Ombudsman added that he very much hopes for good news for Ukraine this week.

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