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Ukraine's Security Service exposes Motor Sich head in funding terrorists

Wednesday, 1 February 2023, 09:13
Ukraine's Security Service exposes Motor Sich head in funding terrorists

Counterintelligence and investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) have exposed new facts of criminal activity of Vyacheslav Bohuslaiev, President of the Motor Sich company, who is already suspected of working for the aggressor country. He has been served with another notice of suspicion.

Source: press service of the Security Service of Ukraine

Details: Within the investigative actions, it has been established that Bohuslaiev has funded the "DPR" terrorists organisation after the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine ["DPR" is a self-proclaimed and non-recognised Donetsk People’s Republic in Donetsk Oblast – ed.]. In particular, he has paid "taxes" and "fees" to the budget of this quasi-entity. 


In addition, he has worked with a Ukrainian facility that is under control of the so-called "DPR" since 2014 – the Snizhne Machine Building Plant. Bohuslaiev’s goal was to supply aircraft parts to the plants of the Russian military and industrial complex.


It is also established that the "budget" of the "DPR" has received 290 million roubles [approximately US$4.12 million] in the form of "taxes" from sales of aircraft products for the needs of Russians. 

Heads of the occupation administration of Donetsk have directed the received funds to the needs of Russian military formations that are taking part in combat actions against Ukraine’s defence forces on the eastern front.

Taking this proof into account, investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine have served Bohuslaiev with another notice of suspicion, this time, for promoting activities of a terrorist organisation. 

Moreover, law enforcement officers have discovered over 20 medals and honorary awards to Bohuslaiev from representatives of Russian military and political leadership.


A pre-trial investigation is ongoing in order to establish all circumstances of crimes and hold everyone accountable.

Background: The SSU detained Bohuslaiev along with the head of the Foreign Economy Activity Department of the Motor Sich company in October 2022. They were served with notices of suspicion of collaboration with the aggressor state. 

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