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Emergency shutdowns applied in Kharkiv Oblast due to Russian attack, consumption restrictions in four Oblasts

Saturday, 11 February 2023, 12:03

After another attack by Russia, which included the use of drones and missiles, the situation in Ukraine's power system remains difficult but controlled, and emergency shutdowns were applied in Kharkiv Oblast due to damage to power facilities. 

Press service of Ukrenergo, the national power regulator, reports this.

"In Kharkiv, emergency shutdowns were applied due to damage to power facilities. Also, due to network restrictions that were introduced after Russia damaged the objects of the main networks, with an increase in consumption, emergency shutdowns are possible in the Khmelnytskyi, Zhytomyr, Kyiv Oblasts and the city of Kyiv," the report says. 


It is noted that on the night of 11 February, 17 Russian drone attacks took place in the southern and south-eastern regions of Ukraine. As a result, there are more hits on thermal power plants and objects of main networks.

DTEK also confirmed the hits on two thermal power plants of the company that were already attacked that day. As a result of the Russian attacks, the thermal power stationʼs equipment was significantly damaged. 

Ukrenergo adds that in Odesa Oblast, specialists managed to put some equipment into operation and work on the return of energy supply to the region continues. 

Note: Two of the three operating Ukrainian NPPs, Rivne and Pivdennoukrainska, downgraded electricity generation as a precautionary measure due to the recent attacks. Instability in the power grid caused by the strikes also led to the shutdown of one of the power units of the Khmelnytskyi NPP.

The scale of damage caused by the Russian attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure on 10 February was significant: the Russians were able to damage several thermal and hydroelectric power plants. 

During the attack on 10 February, Russia's main target was power plants and high-voltage network facilities, as usual. The most difficult situation is observed in Kharkiv Oblast; there are emergency shutdowns there now. 

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