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UK conducts negotiations about manufacturing weapons in Ukraine

Sunday, 12 February 2023, 03:44
UK conducts negotiations about manufacturing weapons in Ukraine

British weapons and military equipment could be made in Ukraine, with negotiations already underway. 

Source: The Telegraph

Details: The Telegraph has reported that senior UK defence industry officials are discussing the plans with their counterparts in Kyiv, with any deal likely to be seen as a significant strengthening of Britain’s relationship with Ukraine.


It is also noted that British executives have travelled there with a view to setting up joint ventures that would manufacture arms and vehicles locally under licence.

Other European defence companies are also in talks with Ukraine, with British companies keen not to be beaten to the punch by French and German rivals. A race is on to put the UK "at the front of the queue".

Any joint venture is likely to require sign-off from UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Russia has repeatedly threatened retaliation against the West for sending arms to Ukraine, and any manufacturing support is likely to further inflame tensions.

On Saturday night, Downing Street and the Ministry of Defence declined to comment, saying it was a matter for industry.


  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak signed the UK–Ukraine Declaration of Unity (London Declaration) during Zelenskyy’s visit to the UK on Wednesday, 8 February. The declaration aims to deepen cooperation between Kyiv and London.
  • Zelenskyy has also said the United Kingdom is ready to provide Ukraine with a powerful defence package, which includes inter alia long-range weapons.

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