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Munich Security Conference Head opposes restrictions on aid to Ukraine

Monday, 13 February 2023, 18:45

Christoph Heusgen, Head of the Munich Security Conference, opposes any "red lines" in providing military assistance to Ukraine.

Source: Christoph Heusgen in an interview with DW, reports European Pravda

Details: Heusgen believes that we should be guided solely by military necessity, which means that the supply of fighter jets cannot be ruled out.

Quote: "Instead of putting ‘red lines’, I think we have to see what is needed… When you talk to military experts, they say that when you fight a war like this, you need a combination of several weapons. You need tanks, you need artillery, but you could also need fighter planes to protect the airspace, to get at positions that are out of range of artillery," he said.

The head of the Munich Conference acknowledged the existence of a certain fatigue from the war in Ukraine in Western society, and said that the West needs to show "leadership" to overcome it.


"We have to make clear, if Putin wins this war, it is not over with Ukraine. He has announced, and his Foreign minister has announced a couple of weeks ago, that Moldova is next. Ask the Baltic countries: they expect Putin to turn against them in case he is successful. Therefore, we need to be firm, we need to continue to support Ukraine," emphasised Heusgen.

Earlier it was reported that Poland advocates that Western leaders should not just discuss the possibility of transferring fighter jets to Ukraine at the Munich Conference, but make a decision on this issue.

Heusgen has put the issue of prosecuting war crimes related to Russia's attack on Ukraine on the agenda of the annual high-level meeting in Munich to be held at the end of next week.

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