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440 units of the US military equipment intended for Ukraine spotted in German port

Tuesday, 14 February 2023, 22:08
440 units of the US military equipment intended for Ukraine spotted in German port

A large quantity of American military equipment was spotted in the German port of Bremerhaven, likely intended for Ukraine.

Source: German media outlet Nordsee Zeitung, which also published a photo, as reported by European Pravda.

On the Arc Integrity transport vessel, the US Army delivered 60 Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Bremerhaven. They are a part of the US military aid package.


On Monday, 13 February, 440 military vehicles could be seen from above at the port used by the US Army.

The loading of the military equipment is active and ongoing. A photo shows the infantry carriers on truck tugs and being prepared for further road transportation. Several low-frame trucks with tanks on board were spotted on a highway in the direction of Bremen.

There has been no official confirmation that the military equipment will be delivered directly to Ukraine. Maybe separate reserves, for instance, in Poland, will be restored by the principle of the ring exchange.

The Bradley vehicles are being transported to the American military base in Mannheim, Germany. It is expected that the Ukrainian soldiers will be trained there.

During the unloading of the ferry, Stryker armoured vehicles, Avenger vehicles and anti-aircraft missile systems were seen.

Earlier on Tuesday, Lloyd Austin, the Minister of Defence of the USA, named the countries that started preparing to supply Ukraine with the Leopard 2 combat tanks, or pledged to do so.

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