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Air Force expects possible Russian provocations on 23-24 February

Friday, 17 February 2023, 21:48
Air Force expects possible Russian provocations on 23-24 February

The Air Force of Ukraine believes that Russian provocations and missile attacks are possible on 23-24 February. The Ukrainian forces are ready for them to happen every day.

Source: Yurii Ihnat, spokesperson of the Air Forces of Ukraine, in the broadcast of the Ukrainian Radio and the Donbas.Realii radio

Quote: "They are constantly trying to prove something to their dictator (Putin – ed.), or it is he who wants to prove something to his people.


We got used to attacks on certain dates…So, you see that such a date is getting closer and closer.

They want to attack us on 23 February – they celebrate the Defender of the Motherland Day on this date, and the day after will be a one year anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine, which they want to take over. This may be why they are shortening the duration of attacks in order to then attack Ukraine using all types of armament…

Everything Russians have at hand will be used because they have tried everything. The only thing they are capable of is to intimidate Ukraine and the world with some "Apocalypse weapon".


Details: When asked about the possible date of large-scale Russian attacks, Ihnat responded: "It may happen on 23-24 February as these are sacral dates (for Russians – ed.). But we are prepared every day."

Ihnat added that the Ukrainian forces would like to shoot down 100% of Russian missiles but it is not possible since Ukraine has vast territory but not enough air defence systems.

He added that after large-scale attacks, the Ukrainian military equipment starts preparing for the next repelling right away.

Ihnat stressed that at the moment Ukraine is not able to shoot down the X-22, Oniks and X-31 missiles as the Patriot PAC-3 and SAMP/T anti-aircraft systems are needed for this."

Russia has a lot of S-300 and X-2 2 missiles in storage and keeps manufacturing the Calibr and X-101 missiles. There is no information concerning the Iskander missiles. 

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