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Ukraine's Air Force

5 more Russian aircraft were ordered to terminate their mission – Ukraine's intelligence on downing of A-50 aircraft

Russian A-50 was downed with S-200 anti-aircraft system

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence posts final flight path of downed Russian A-50 – map

Defence Forces destroy another A-50 Russian aircraft – video, map

Always expect some disgusting thing from Russia – Air Force spokesman on possible attacks on 2nd full-scale invasion anniversary

Ukraine's Air Force down 23 of 31 Shahed drones at night

Air Force destroys 8 of 10 drones at night

Air-raid warnings issued in number of oblasts due to UAVs: explosions in Poltava Oblast

Air Force has no information on Iran sending hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia

Air Force: Ukraine transitions to F-16 in emergency manner, unlike any other country

Ukraine's Air Force shoots down Russian Su-34 jet

Air Force downs 13 of 19 Shahed drones and 1 of 6 missiles launched by Russia

Russia deploys aircraft less after suffering extensive aircraft losses – Ukraine's Air Force

Air Force downs all 23 attack drones Russian launched overnight

Ukraine's Air Force Commander reveals area where Russian Su-34 was destroyed – video

Ukraine's Air Force shoots down two more Russian warplanes

Air Force downs all attack drones launched by Russians overnight

Ukrainian air defence forces shoot down 1 more Russian aircraft, 1 missile and 12 Shahed UAVs

Russia refuses to admit its warplanes were downed: Ukraine's Air Force Commander reveals where it should look for pilots

Air defence forces down 3 Russian aircraft in Ukraine's east this morning

Investigation into military plane crash in Zhytomyr Oblast: Aircraft were serviceable, sabotage refuted by evidence

Ukrainian defenders down 13 missiles out of 26 launched during night

All missiles flying toward Kyiv destroyed

Russia launches missiles from TU-95 bombers: air-raid warning throughout country

Ukrainian air defence destroys 16 out of 23 Shahed UAVs that Russia launched overnight

Ukrainian defenders destroy 14 Russian Shahed drones and Kh-59 missile at night

Ukrainian Air Force downs 40 Shaheds out of 45 overnight

Air Force destroys 23 of 31 Russian Shahed drones

Air Force destroys 10 of 16 Russian Shahed drones

Experienced pilot Vladyslav Rykov killed while on combat mission