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"Threat of reactor being struck was high": Energoatom reports two missiles flying over nuclear power plant

Saturday, 18 February 2023, 11:34
Threat of reactor being struck was high: Energoatom reports two missiles flying over nuclear power plant

Energoatom, Ukraine's national power regulator, has reported that on 18 February, during another massive Russian missile attack, two cruise missiles flew above the Pivdennoukrainska Nuclear Power Plant at 8:25 and 8:27.

Source: Energoatom

Details: It is specified that the missiles were flying along a tributary of the Pivdennyi Buh river in the direction of the settlement of Pervomaisk in Mykolaiv Oblast and flew dangerously close to the nuclear facility.


Quote: "The threat of the missiles hitting the reactor with possible consequences, i.e. a nuclear disaster, was high again.

This is another act of Russian nuclear terrorism which puts the security of the whole world in danger.

We are turning to the International Atomic Energy Agency once again with a request to take all the possible measures to stop the nuclear terrorism of Russia, withdraw Russian troops from the territory of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and organise a demilitarised zone around it and no-fly zone above all nuclear facilities of Ukraine."

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