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Propagandists of Wagner Group accidentally reveal repair base near Luhansk

Saturday, 18 February 2023, 14:04
Propagandists of Wagner Group accidentally reveal repair base near Luhansk

A photo of the captured Ukrainian Gvozdyka self-propelled gun published on a Telegram channel that has ties to Wagner private military company, has revealed a large repair base of military equipment of the Russian troops on the territory of an abandoned mine near Luhansk, in the urban-type settlement of Yuvileyniy.

Source: Radio Liberty

Details: Journalists examined the post of the Uholok Sitha Telegram channel, which was published on 3 February.


It contained a photo of captured Ukrainian equipment and the caption: "Fresh trophy. Ukrainian 2S1 Gvozdyka self-propelled gun captured by allied forces. February 2023".

Radio Liberty journalists found the original source of this photo and geolocated it; the photo was posted by one of the Russian soldiers who fought in the war in Ukraine.

Several other photos in the profile of the occupier, including a photo of the captured Gvozdyka, were taken on the premises of the abandoned Luhanska mine, located to the southeast of Luhansk.

Other photos in his profile show workshops filled with Russian military equipment, as well as the maintenance process.


Radio Liberty studied satellite images of the territory of the Luhanska mine and found out that the photo of the captured Ukrainian Gvozdyka was taken in the southern part of the mine's territory.


Investigators note that it is about 90 kilometers from the settlement of Yuvileyne to the front line. This is too far for HIMARS, but Luhansk is within the range of GLSDB projectiles, which is up to 150 kilometres; the UK promised to deliver them to Ukraine.

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