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Air Force: Kinzhal missiles can be "downed" only in social media

Monday, 20 February 2023, 11:37
Air Force: Kinzhal missiles can be downed only in social media

The Air Force recalled that Ukrainian air defence systems cannot shoot down Russian ballistic missiles.

Source: Yurii Ihnat, Spokesperson for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during an online briefing at the Ukraine-Ukrinform media centre 

Details: Ihnat denied the TV host's remark that Ukraine "began to shoot down ballistic targets", noting that the current armament of air defence does not allow this to be done in any way. The Air Force spokesman recalled that Ukraine is looking forward to receiving reinforcements from foreign partners, namely the Patriot PAC-3 and SAMP/T systems


Quote: "Kinzhal missiles can be ‘downed’ only on Facebook. Or on the Telegram channel. We cannot destroy this target. I urge you to trust official sources."

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