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West fears China's "peace plan" will disrupt Ukraine's support at UN – Bloomberg

Monday, 20 February 2023, 18:11

Western countries believe China's "peace plan" to resolve Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine can win the support of the countries of the Global South and thereby reduce the number of votes for similar pro-Ukrainian initiatives at the UN.

Source: Bloomberg

While China hasn’t released details of its "peace plan", China's top diplomat Wang Yi said the proposal would include calls for territorial integrity to be respected, the protection of nuclear facilities and opposing the use of biochemical weapons.


European officials familiar with the "peace plan", who asked not to be identified, told Bloomberg that it is expected to include calls for a cease-fire and for a halt to arms deliveries to Ukraine. 

They said the US and its allies think Putin may make similar points during his address to the Federal Assembly on Tuesday in Moscow.

Officials also suggested that Putin may potentially offer a draft United Nations resolution on the 24 February one-year mark to compete with one backed by Ukraine supporters demanding that Russia withdraw troops and end hostilities.

Although China’s "peace plan" appears to have little chance of succeeding, US allies are concerned the proposal could resonate with countries in the Global South and potentially attract votes at the UN.

Background: Last week it became known that Chinese President Xi Jinping intends to deliver a "peace speech" on the anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine, where the mentioned "peace plan" will probably be presented.

Previously, cooperation between Moscow and Beijing strengthened after Russia decided to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February.

China refused to criticise Moscow's actions, instead accusing the US and NATO of provoking the Kremlin, and criticised sanctions against Russia. Russia, in turn, strongly supported China against the background of Taiwan-related tension with the United States.

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