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Ukraine's Ambassador jokes about Ukrainian soldiers training in Germany: Not certain who is training whom

Tuesday, 21 February 2023, 17:23
Ukraine's Ambassador jokes about Ukrainian soldiers training in Germany: Not certain who is training whom

In Germany, Ukrainian battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles [IFV] crews are learning to operate the military equipment which they will soon use to fight the Russian occupiers. 

Source: Oleksii Makeiev, Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, in a commentary to Ukrinform news agency 

Details: Makeiev shared his impression after visiting the training grounds in Münster on 20 February, where German instructors are teaching Ukrainian defenders to operate Marder IFVs and Leopard 2A6 tanks. 


"Both Marder and Leopard, which will be sent to Ukraine, stand on the training ground. This is the very equipment which they [the Ukrainian soldiers – ed.] will use. They are learning to operate their vehicles," Makeiev said, deciding not to specify the number of soldiers that undergo the training at this moment. 

The Ambassador assured that the Ukrainian soldiers were in a jolly mood, ready for battle. He also joked that it was not exactly clear who is training whom: the Germans know the tactics very well, in theory, while our soldiers tell them of a real-life combat use of the equipment on the battlefield. 

Quote: "Cool discussions are taking place between them. You can feel that they are real brothers in arms…


The boys confessed that they were worried. But the equipment has proved itself to be simple and effective. We talked about how these tanks will be quite effective in a battle against Russian vehicles." 

Details: Makeiev also informed the press on his talks with the representatives of the military industry of Germany. In particular, over the last two weeks he met with Armin Papperger, the chairman of Rheinmetall concern, four times. One meeting took place, among others, during the Munich Security Conference, where Dmytro Kuleba, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs and his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock met with representatives of Ukrainian and German military industries. 

"There are big plans in place. We will establish a joint production of weapons, I am sure of it," said the ambassador. 

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