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China denies intentions to supply arms to Russia

Wednesday, 22 February 2023, 12:30
China denies intentions to supply arms to Russia

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denied its intention to provide "lethal support" to Russia for the war against Ukraine.

Source: CNN, citing a statement by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin and Foreign Minister Wang Yi.  

Details: Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that China is not considering providing "lethal support" [weapons – ed.] to Russia for the war against Ukraine, accusing the US and NATO of spreading falsehoods about China's role in the war.


He called on NATO to "stop smearing China with unfounded speculations on Ukraine, abandon the old Cold War mentality of zero-sum game and bloc confrontation, and stop fomenting confrontation." 

At the same time, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in Moscow that Beijing will "firmly pursue an independent and autonomous foreign policy," and the relationship between Russia and China "continues to operate at a high level."

According to Wang Yi, China is "willing to maintain the good development of new type of major-power relations with Russia," no matter how the international climate changes.


China declares its impartial position on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but refuses to condemn Russia and retranslates the Kremlin's talking points, accusing NATO of provoking the war.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Sunday he was concerned that Beijing was considering strengthening its partnership with Moscow by providing "lethal support" to the Russian military. According to some reports, Blinken raised this issue during a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US Ambassador to the UN said on Sunday that China would cross a "red line" if it decided to provide lethal military assistance to Russia in its war against Ukraine.

On Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the United States "has no right to lecture" on arms supplies, amid concerns that China may transfer weapons to Russia.

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