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65% of EU citizens support financing of military aid for Ukraine

Thursday, 23 February 2023, 13:28

A total of 91% of EU citizens support humanitarian aid to Ukraine, while 65% of respondents approve of the financing of military aid.

Source: European Pravda reports that these are the results of the Eurobarometer survey.

"EU citizens continue to show their unwavering solidarity with Ukraine," the authors of the study note.


A total of 91% of respondents agree with the provision of humanitarian support, and 88% are in favour of accepting people fleeing war to the EU.

Providing financial support to Ukraine is approved by 77%, while 74% of respondents support the introduction of economic sanctions against the Russian government, companies, and individuals.

Europeans also continue to mostly support the ban on broadcasting Russian state-owned media (67%) and EU funding for the purchase and supply of military equipment to Ukraine (65%). Only 13% of respondents are categorically against military support for Ukraine.

Overall, the majority of European citizens (56%) are satisfied with the European Union's response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The survey was conducted in January-February of this year.

As reported, every second German citizen believes that the government of the country could provide more support to Ukraine to counter full-scale Russian aggression.

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