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UK announces new sanctions against Russia: export restrictions and Rosatom officials

Friday, 24 February 2023, 09:01
UK announces new sanctions against Russia: export restrictions and Rosatom officials

The UK has announced a new package of sanctions against Russia that should close export opportunities for products that the Kremlin uses in war as well as against new individuals, including Rosatom officials [Russian state nuclear corporation – ed.] and two other Russian military-industrial complex companies.

Source: UK government; European Pravda

Details: The purpose of the export sanctions is to block the import of "every item Russia has been found using on the battlefield to date".

"Included in the hundreds of goods are aircraft parts, radio equipment, and electronic components that can be used by the Russian military industrial complex, including in the production of UAVs. Military intelligence has shown that a shortage of components in Russia as a result of sanctions is already likely affecting their ability to produce equipment for export, such as armoured vehicles, attack helicopters and air defence systems," the communiqué says.


The sanctions also targeted top officials of Rosatom, two large defence companies, four Russian banks, and Russian elites.

In particular, these are 34 people associated with the Rostec Corporation, as well as the Almaz-Antey Corporation, which specialises in air defence systems and weapons for use from aircraft; and six companies engaged in the repair of military equipment. 

New personal sanctions are imposed against Mattias Warning, CEO of Nord Stream 2, formerly a board member of Transneft and Rosneft, who is called a close friend of Putin; Alina Kabaeva's mother, Lyubov Kabaeva; Alexei Dyumin, Putin's former chief bodyguard, for his role in the annexation of Crimea and the organisation of aerial reconnaissance exercises for Russian forces; Alexei Kozak, the son of former Deputy Prime Minister and close Putin ally Dmitry Kozak; 20 Gazprom and Aeroflot officials, including Gazprom CEO Viktor Zubkov; and two current Russian ministers.

Sanctions were also imposed on five Iranian officials from Qods Aviation Industry, a company that manufactures drones used by Russia in Ukraine. 

In addition to export restrictions on goods used by Russia to wage war, the UK also bans the import of 140 goods, including iron and steel, processed in third countries. 

The UK will extend its previously imposed sanctions on Crimea and non-government controlled territory in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts to target the Russian-occupied areas of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts.

Kemi Badenoch, Secretary of State for Business and Trade, said that imports to the UK from Russia had dropped by 99% compared to 24 February 2022, and exports to Russia by about 80%.

Background: The European Union failed to agree on the 10th package of sanctions on the anniversary of the aggression because Poland objected to proposed restrictions on imports of synthetic rubber that it says are not strong enough.

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