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Zelenskyy: I want to meet with Xi Jinping

Friday, 24 February 2023, 18:39
Zelenskyy: I want to meet with Xi Jinping

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that he would like to hold a bilateral meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Source: Zelenskyy at a press conference on 24 February    

Zelenskyy was asked about how to persuade countries that are geopolitically distant from Ukraine to its side in the confrontation with the Russian Federation.


Quote: "First of all, I plan to meet with Xi Jinping. And I believe that this will benefit our states and security in the world. We have a large trade with China.

The issue is not only the war, the issue is that we are a state that is interested in preserving economic relations."

Details: According to Zelenskyy, China respects territorial integrity, and therefore should do everything to ensure that Russia leaves the territory of Ukraine. 

He added that civilians shouldn't be killed and nuclear plants shouldn't be occupied, which is difficult to disagree with.

The president also said that it is necessary to respect international law and the UN Charter, and if China agrees with these theses, then it supports the Ukrainian "peace formula".

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