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US Ambassador to NATO says Russia cannot achieve its strategic goals

Friday, 24 February 2023, 22:22
US Ambassador to NATO says Russia cannot achieve its strategic goals
Julianne Smith, screenshot from her Twitter video

Ambassador Julianne Smith, the US Permanent Representative to NATO, said that although Russia is increasing its presence in Ukraine, there is no evidence that it is capable of achieving success on the battlefield.

Source: Julianne Smith in an interview with Radio Svoboda (Radio Liberty)

Quote from Smith: "Strategically, they cannot achieve their goals. They have issues with logistics, ammunition shortages, and, crucially, problems with morale and leadership.


Ukraine has exceptional leadership and innovations. And to reiterate, we will ensure that they have what they need – the equipment and ammunition they need to succeed."

Details: The US Permanent Representative to NATO said that Ukraine was planning a spring offensive, "which can begin any moment in the coming weeks".

However, Smith said she did not want to make specific predictions concerning Ukraine's ability to win the war this year, as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy suggested at the opening of the Munich Security Conference.


Quote from Smith: "It's difficult to say how exactly the situation will develop. One thing we do know for certain is that Putin could bring this war to an end today if he wanted to. He started this and he could end it. He could withdraw all Russian troops from Ukraine.

We want to continue putting pressure on Moscow to convince him to do that. We hope that this spring Ukrainian forces will continue to see major successes on the battlefield, which will aggravate Putin’s strategic miscalculation."

Previously: Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence, predicted that decisive battles will be fought on the front in Ukraine in mid to late spring. He said it would be a "turning point" in the war.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who took part in the most recent Ramstein-format meeting, said that Ukraine has a good shot at taking initiative on the battlefield. He reiterated the importance of helping Ukraine prepare for the spring counteroffensive.

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