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Defence Minister announces aircrafts from partners: Type unknown yet

Sunday, 5 February 2023, 15:45
Defence Minister announces aircrafts from partners: Type unknown yet

Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, has stated that the partners will supply Ukraine with aircrafts.

Source: Reznikov at a press conference on Sunday, 5 February, as reported by Ukrinform

Quote: "As of today we received all types of armament within the framework of military aid except aircrafts. I can assure you that aircrafts will be supplied as well, the question is, which type."


Details: Reznikov noted that Ukraine’s partners are constantly being informed about Ukraine’s need for aircrafts, as they are also part of the air defence system.

Reznikov believes that Ukraine can be supplied with the F-16 aircrafts, as well as with other types of combat aviation.

He also stated that Ukraine will become the world's second country with the biggest quantity of CAESAR self-propelled artillery systems, the first being the manufacturer country, France.


"For instance, we will be the second in the world after France in [terms of the nunber of] CAESAR systems. 12 more CAESAR systems, which were promised to us by the Minister of Defence of France after my visit are on their way to Ukraine. The Kingdom of Denmark will also supply us with the CAESAR systems that it had ordered for itself from the French manufacturer," explained Reznikov.

He also reported that starting Monday, 6 February, the training of Ukrainian crews on the Leopard tanks would start abroad.

"We have a clear understanding of the quantity of tanks each country will supply us with, and the time of this supply. We know for sure that tomorrow, Monday, 6 February, the tank crew training on the Leopard tanks will start practising outside Ukraine,"  he added. 

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