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Czech President predicts decrease in West support for Ukraine

Wednesday, 22 March 2023, 20:22
Czech President predicts decrease in West support for Ukraine

Czech President Petr Pavel has said that Ukraine should take into account the decrease of Western support in the future.

Source: Petr Pavel in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung, as European Pravda reports 

Quote: "We have to take into account war fatigue and what it means for support from Western countries. It will decrease over time," Pavel said.


Details: He also mentioned the 2024 US presidential election and the expected focus on domestic politics.

"If US support decreases, support from a number of European countries will also decrease. Ukraine should take this into account," Pavel noted.

Therefore, in Pavel’s opinion, Ukraine will probably not be able to start any large and complex operations in 2024.


"This year is crucial for war development," the Czech president said.

According to Pavel, Western countries are now supplying Ukraine with the necessary weapons so that it can take a better starting position for any negotiations with the Russian Federation.

Background: Petr Pavel believes that the next few months are the best time for Ukraine to launch a counteroffensive against Russian troops in the occupied territories.

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