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Kherson detention centre guarded by convicts themselves during Russian occupation

Friday, 3 March 2023, 14:41
Kherson detention centre guarded by convicts themselves during Russian occupation

A detention centre in the city of Kherson was guarded by life-sentenced convicts during the Russian occupation.

Source: Olena Vysotska, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, in an interview with Ukrinform news agency 

Quote: "By the way, when we regained control over the Kherson detention centre, it turned out that it had been guarded by life-sentenced convicts who had arranged everything by themselves.


They explained this decision by their desire to continue their lives in Ukraine and did not want to worsen their legal situation, so they did not surrender to the enemy and are looking forward to a review of their sentences. This deserves respect and attention from society."

Details: She said that Ukraine lost control over 11 correctional facilities and 3,000 people, who had been held there, in the first days of the war.

However, four institutions were liberated in Kherson Oblast, including a pre-trial detention centre and three penal colonies.

Vysotska also said that all of the convicts released by the invaders during their retreat came back to the Kherson detention centre.

Quote: "Everyone is back! One may call me naive if I say that everyone has come back. However, we understand that it is not easy to live in a recently liberated city with a lot of troops, checkpoints, and no power supply. So, of course, I understand that sometimes the convicts come back because they could not leave or hide.

Our military and police helped us identify some of those [convicts] at the checkpoints, and they were identified using the Register of Convicts and Prisoners."

Details: As she states, the detainees of the Kherson detention centre, along with the above-mentioned life sentenced convicts, have been moved to institutions in the cities of Mykolaiv and Odesa, "as it is still not safe in Kherson."


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