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Ukraine ends heating season with surplus of capacity – Minister of Energy

Saturday, 4 March 2023, 19:13
Ukraine ends heating season with surplus of capacity – Minister of Energy

Ukraine ends the heating season with a surplus of capacity and sufficient reserves of gas and coal.

Source: Herman Halushchenko, Minister of Energy of Ukraine, during the extended meeting of the Presidium of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities under the President of Ukraine, the website of the Cabinet of Ministers reports

Details: The head of the Ministry of Energy reported that, since October last year, Russia has carried out 31 airstrikes on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, of which 14 were large-scale missile attacks and 17 were attacks by groups of kamikaze drones. Critical power facilities were affected – thermal power plants (TPP), combined heat and power plants (CHPP), hydro- and hydro-storage stations, and substations of the transmission system. In addition, part of the generating capacity is under temporary occupation today. 


However, Ukrainian power engineers were able to keep the energy system intact despite the destruction, "the collapse that the enemy was hoping for did not happen", Halushchenko emphasised.

The minister emphasised that the balance of supply and demand has been ensured in the energy system without restrictions on consumers for 21 days in a row. This was achieved due to the early completion of repairs at nuclear power plant (NPP) units, the prompt restoration of a number of thermal generation power units, favourable meteorological conditions, an increase in electricity production at hydroelectric power plants, and an increase in generation at solar power plants.

"We are coming out of a difficult winter fully supplied with fuel – as of 3 February, coal reserves in TPP and CHP warehouses amount to 1,160,000 tons. This is 375,000 tons more than on the same date last year. Natural gas reserves in Ukraine's underground storages are 9.7 billion m3 (close to last year's volume)," Halushchenko noted.

The head of the Ministry of Energy emphasised that preparations for the next heating season have already begun. In particular, repairs are being made to damaged generating capacities, which need to be restored. Restoration of the transmission system and distribution systems is being carried out, and projects are being implemented for the construction of small gas generation, dispersed in settlements and individual consumers.

Active development of renewable energy, both industrial facilities and small renewable generation on the consumer side, is also envisaged. In addition, government programs are planned to encourage the construction of backup power systems for critical infrastructure and low-power households, which involve the installation of solar panels or wind turbines with energy storage facilities, with a suitable hybrid inverter that can work both in autonomous mode and in synchronisation with the network.

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