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Children to be forcibly evacuated from Sloviansk

Sunday, 2 April 2023, 01:46
Children to be forcibly evacuated from Sloviansk

The city commission for protecting children's rights in Sloviansk has decided to forcibly evacuate children, and their guardians who refuse to leave will be deprived of their duties.

Source: Olena Sokolova, Head of the Children’s Service of Sloviansk City Military Administration, quoted by Suspilne, [Ukraine's public broadcaster]

Quote: "The mandatory evacuation in Donetsk Oblast was approved by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on 2 August 2022. Guardians are obliged to evacuate with their children outside Donetsk Oblast to safer oblasts of Ukraine.


The guardians and guardianship authorities are responsible for ensuring the child's safety.

We are constantly contacting families, explaining that evacuation is free of charge and that we provide assistance.

In December, we held a commission meeting and addressed the families, gave them a month or two, and then reminded them constantly.

On 27 March, a minor was wounded during the shelling of Sloviansk. Therefore, we are again taking measures in a stricter form."

Details: Sokolova has said that most of the foster families and family-type orphanages have left the city, and currently 23 families remain in the Sloviansk hromada, where 34 orphans and children deprived of parental care are being raised. [Hromada is an administrative unit designating in this case, the city of Sloviansk and its adjacent territories – ed.]

"We are acting solely in accordance with our powers. But we do not want to resort to such measures because most children live with their relatives, such as grandparents or aunts and uncles.

That is why we are again trying to persuade these families to move to a place where the children will be safer," Sokolova adds. 

The commission has decided that guardians with minors should leave Donetsk Oblast as soon as possible. If they refuse, they will be deprived of their guardianship or custody, and the children will be forcibly evacuated. The city military administration makes the decision to deprive them of guardianship.

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