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Russia responds with threats to Ireland's support for its military volunteer killed in Ukraine

Saturday, 29 April 2023, 13:35

The Russian Embassy in Dublin has said that Ireland risks being considered a party to the war in Ukraine if it expresses support for military volunteers such as the Irishman who died near the city of Bakhmut.

Source: a commentary by the Russian Embassy on 28 April, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The statement noted that the Russians had paid attention to the words of Micheál Martin, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ireland, who expressed condolences to the family of Finbar Cafferkey, who had been killed near Bakhmut. The minister called him "a young man with clear principles".


The Russian embassy said that they did not know anything about Finbar and his principles and beliefs, but he fought in another country and "to a large extent, it was the Irish authorities and the media who were responsible for his death" because they say "anti-Russian propaganda" and allegedly distorted information about the war prompted the Irishman to make such a decision.

Quote: "We also do not know whether Mr Martin's comment supports the Irish participation in the fighting in Ukraine. However, we do know that if this is the case, Ireland can be considered a direct participant in the conflict with all the ensuing consequences," the Russian embassy said.

Details: In response to this statement, Charlie Flanagan, Chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, called for the expulsion of the Russian ambassador from the country.

"Here is a threatening, intimidating and chilling statement from the Russian Embassy in Dublin. Such hostile statements are unacceptable. It's high time we asked Ambassador Filatov and his team to leave our country," he said.

Background: In the autumn of 2022, Ireland requested that some of the staff of the Russian embassy leave the country.

On 28 April, an Irish citizen, Finbar Cafferkey was reportedly killed in combat against Russian forces near Bakhmut.

Cafferkey was around 40 years old and a native of Achill Island in County Mayo.

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