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Kremlin reacts to Poland renaming Kaliningrad

Wednesday, 10 May 2023, 15:32

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has claimed that Poland's decision to change the name of the Russian city of Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad Oblast in the Polish language is "verging on insanity."

Source: European Pravda with reference to the Russian news agency TASS, citing Peskov

"This is not even Russophobia now; there are some processes on the verge of insanity happening in Poland," Peskov stated when asked about the change of name, and about an event in Warsaw at which the Russian ambassador was not allowed near a Soviet monument where he was to lay flowers, so that he ended up leaving the flowers at a memorial to the Ukrainians who have died as a result of the Russian aggression.


Peskov added that throughout its history, Poland "has slipped into this insanity of hatred towards Russians from time to time" and "this does Poland and the Polish people no good".


The Commission on the Standardisation of Geographical Names Outside of Poland, which operates under Poland's Main Geodetic Service, has decided to no longer call Kaliningrad by its Russian name, but to use the Polish name Królewiec instead.

The Commission also recommends using the Polish name Królewiecki obwód, rather than Kaliningrad Oblast, for the region in which the city is located.

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