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Lukashenko rarely appears in public since beginning of May

Friday, 12 May 2023, 15:18
Lukashenko rarely appears in public since beginning of May

Since the beginning of May, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus has made significantly fewer public appearances.  

Source: Belarusian media Zerkalo (Mirror)

Details: Journalists analysed Lukashenko's schedule and came to the conclusion that he had almost no public events in May. Currently, Lukashenko has not appeared in public for the third day in a row.


Quote: "Anomalies in the schedule of the Belarusian politician began in May, even before his trip to Moscow for Victory Day.

For example, if we take Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday last week (3, 4, and 5 May), Lukashenko's website has information about only one public event: the presentation of state awards to honoured figures in various fields on 5 May. It should be noted that even then, the raspy voice of the politician attracted attention, although Lukashenko usually holds long-hour meetings with journalists without any particular problems.

In total, during this month, if we leave aside the events of 9 May, the politician, judging by his website, held only two public events: a meeting on topical issues of ensuring security and law and order and measures to protect the state border (the politician was shown in the photo but not in the video, it can be assumed that due to problems with the voice, which were already present at that time), and the award ceremony already mentioned above. All other events on his website are a lot of greetings and signings of documents."


"Thus, it can be stated that since the beginning of May, with rare exceptions, Lukashenko has not appeared in public. It is not clear what exactly this is due to or what his current state of health is, since the press service does not comment on the issue."


  • On 9 May, Lukashenko immediately returned to Minsk after the military parade organised by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in Moscow, without waiting for the end of all the celebrations.
  • In Minsk, Lukashenko failed to deliver a customary speech to commemorate Victory Day during this year’s celebrations on 9 May.

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