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Such losses would stop any countr,y but human life means nothing in Russia – Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief

Friday, 12 May 2023, 23:35
Such losses would stop any countr,y but human life means nothing in Russia – Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, said that the losses sustained by the Russian invaders would stop any country, but apparently human life is worthless in Russia.

Source: Zaluzhnyi in an interview with Dmytro Komarov, "One Year. Behind the scenes"

Quote: "They act like a horde. Even based on what we can see in terms of their losses, just look at what's left on the battlefield.


Such losses would deter any country from further action. It would shut down any country. 15,000 casualties in Afghanistan actually brought the Soviet Union to its knees. Now the number of losses of the Russian Federation is much higher. Yet it does not stop.

There is only one conclusion: the cheapest thing that country has is human life. It's the cheapest that can be. In our country, on the contrary, it is the most valuable."

Details: Zaluzhnyi believes that Ukraine is going to have a difficult and long path to victory.

He added that what is sustaining Ukraine now is the people. He calls the Ukrainian people a "phenomenon" and believes that they alone are the foundation of the state.

The commander-in-chief admitted that Ukraine has lost many professional soldiers: "We have lost a lot of people at this moment, career commanders. Because the war is started by professional soldiers, and teachers, engineers, accountants end it. This is what is happening now."

Zaluzhnyi noted that the basis of the victory would be not only the heroism of Ukrainians, but also the use of advanced technologies and more effective equipment: "But so far, everything rests on the shoulders of ordinary people. All the victories achieved were won by the lives of our Ukrainians, who gave their lives liberating Kherson, liberating Chernihiv Oblast, Sumy Oblast and Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast".

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