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Zelenskyy: Once we are by administrative border of Crimea, Putin's support in Russia will decrease

Saturday, 13 May 2023, 22:38
Zelenskyy: Once we are by administrative border of Crimea, Putin's support in Russia will decrease

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that as the Ukrainian counteroffensive progresses, Russian society and business community will put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to "find a way out."

Source: Zelenskyy in an interview with Italian media

Quote: "There is certainly a way out, definitely. We will conduct counter-offensive actions. We will push them back, it will definitely happen. The support for him [Putin – ed.] in [the Russian - ed.] society will shrink, he will face internal issues, and he will be solving them. He will find certain steps. I'm sure of that. Our motivation will only increase.


Simultaneously, we will organise a summit on our ‘peace formula.’ We will attract the maximum number of people, the maximum number of specialists and countries and develop a full plan that will be clear in its implementation. Some of the points will be implemented without representatives of Russia, and for some certain representatives will, of course, be needed later.

And believe me, when we are on the administrative borders of Crimea, his [Putin's - ed.] domestic support will be reduced. His inner circle, business will put pressure on him to find a way out. They're going to have to find it. Not much time left. "

Details: Zelenskyy also expressed the opinion that Putin will not use nuclear weapons because he wants to live.


"I believe that he will not use the nuclear weapons. But no one knows to the full extent what is in this person’s head. If Putin decides to use nuclear weapons, I believe that the next day he will not be [there]. And the person who sits at the long table and is afraid that he might get Covid or something from the person who came to meet him definitely wants to live.... It seems to me that he has lost his connection to reality, but nevertheless, he really wants to live and will do everything for this," the president said.

According to Zelenskyy, when Putin will be looking for a way out, he will "apply the same information tools that he applied before; he will explain to his society that he defeated someone and the operation was complete."

"At some point, he may understand that diplomatically he can resolve this issue if he leaves all our territories. Fewer people will die. He will come to this. Our task is to put pressure on him every day – not only on the battlefield, but also in terms of sanctions. We see what is happening with their economy, everyone sees it," he stressed.

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