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Hungary blocks €500 billion from fund that provides arms for Ukraine

Monday, 15 May 2023, 21:51
Hungary blocks €500 billion from fund that provides arms for Ukraine

Hungary has blocked the payment of the eighth package of €500 million from the European Peace Fund for weapons that EU member states are supplying to Ukraine.

Source: ANSA referring to its source, reported by European Pravda

Details: The €500 million package was due to be allocated next Monday, 22 May, but Budapest has blocked the decision, supposedly demanding "guarantees" that the European Peace Fund would not be used exclusively for aid to Ukraine in the future.


The European Peace Facility is an extrabudgetary instrument with a total of almost €8 billion.

Through this fund, the EU supports the Ukrainian Armed Forces in seven successive support packages, as well as many other countries, such as Mozambique, Georgia, Moldova, Mali, Somalia, Niger, Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon and Mauritania.

Background: In early February, the Council of the European Union approved the latest seventh package of military assistance to Ukraine from the fund, as well as the allocation of funds for an EU training mission for the Ukrainian military.

In addition, in early May, the EU Council decided to allocate €1 billion from the European Peace Fund as part of its initiative to provide Ukraine with artillery ammunition.

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