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2 Patriot system components damaged in Russian attack – CNN

Thursday, 18 May 2023, 00:14
2 Patriot system components damaged in Russian attack – CNN

Two components of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system were damaged during a Russian missile attack.

Source: CNN citing sources

Quote: "The Russian barrage – which consisted of hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, Kalibr cruise missiles and other munitions – damaged the Patriot battery’s generator and part of the system’s electronics."


Details: The damage was minimal, according to three other US officials, with one describing it as "minor." The system remained functional throughout the attack and remains online, an official said.

The US sent inspectors to examine the system on Tuesday, after being told by the Ukrainians that the system appeared to have been damaged, one of the officials said.

US officials are still assessing how exactly the Patriot components were damaged since it does not appear that any of the components sustained a direct hit from a Russian Kinzhal missile or other munition.

One possibility is that debris from a falling missile damaged the Patriot components, but officials are examining other options as well.


  • The Ministry of Defence of Russia previously stated that on 16 May, the Patriot was hit in Kyiv with an allegedly "high-precision strike" by a Kinzhal missile.
  • The Ukrainian Air Force answered that the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system cannot be destroyed with a single strike, even if it is a Kinzhal missile.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine added that, on the contrary, it was the Patriots that shot down six Kinzhal missiles near Kyiv on 16 May.

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