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Russians "arrest" civilians on occupied territories and train them to fight against Ukraine

Thursday, 18 May 2023, 12:45
Russians arrest civilians on occupied territories and train them to fight against Ukraine
Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar, photo be Nazar Voloshyn/АРМІЯINFORM

Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar reported that the Russian invaders are conducting raids in the occupied Ukrainian territories, arresting men there and trying to create a "reserve" of them to participate in hostilities.

Source: Maliar on Telegram

Quote: "The Russians are trying to create reserves using residents of the temporarily occupied territories.


The goal is to urgently replenish the personnel of the front-line units of their troops, which are experiencing significant losses in manpower on a daily basis."

Details: According to her, in some settlements in the occupied territory of Ukraine, the occupiers are carrying out raids and detaining residents.

During these raids, men old enough to be drawn for military service are arrested, mostly on false pretexts.

Next, these men are sent to field camps, where convicts imported from Russian prisons who have agreed to participate in hostilities are held.

Several such camps have been set up near the settlements of Rohove and Mozhnikivka in Luhansk Oblast, to which batches of recruited convicts are delivered under convoys from the Russian Federation.

Together with them, local men detained for minor offences who did not agree to support the occupiers are held there.

By the end of May, the number of personnel in the camps is expected to increase with the arrival of two more batches of convicts from Russia, convicted mainly for committing murders with particular cruelty.

Currently, over 800 people in these camps are undergoing intensive combat training, which is planned to be completed within a month.

After completing the combat training course, contracts will be signed with the convicts, which provide for participation in combat operations.

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