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Register of missing persons has been launched in Ukraine

Tuesday, 2 May 2023, 10:17
 Register of missing persons has been launched in Ukraine

Since 2 May, the Unified Register of Missing Persons has been operating in Ukraine, where data about the missing is entered.

Source: Press service of the Ministry of Reintegration

Quote: "The register will collect and centralise data on missing persons: name of the person, place and date of birth, marital status, place of residence, the territory where the disappearance occurred, circumstances and time of the disappearance, and description of the person.


The register will also include information on the presence or absence of a court decision declaring a person missing or dead, as well as other data that will facilitate the search for a person.

One month after entering the relevant information into the register, relatives will be able to receive a relevant extract that will confirm the status of the missing person."

Details: Based on the extract, people can apply to the Pension Fund to receive a survivor's pension for disabled family members.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs developed the register with the Commissioner for Missing Persons and other agencies.

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