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Zelenskyy addresses each of G7 leaders in his speech

Sunday, 21 May 2023, 08:26
Zelenskyy addresses each of G7 leaders in his speech

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has addressed the G7 leaders in Japan, thanking them for their support of Ukraine and mentioning each of them individually. 

Source: Office of the President of Ukraine

Quote from Zelenskyy: "Dear colleagues!


During this war, Ukraine has already participated in the G7 meetings six times, but online only. Now is the time for personal gratitude.

Together with you and all of our allies and partners, we have achieved such a level of cooperation which ensures that democracy, international law, and freedom are respected.

There have been attempts to ignore and disregard what we value. But now it is impossible. Now our power is growing. Anyone who might want to wage aggression against a democratic country sees what the response will be. And the more we all work together, the less likely anyone else in the world will follow Russia's insane path. But is this enough?

Democracy needs more. I think we need the clear global leadership of democracy. This is the main thing that we provide with our cooperation.

Let me give you a few examples.

For years, we have heard that Russia can attack any country with impunity using hypersonic missiles that seem to be unstoppable. Russia wanted us to get scared and to betray our values, at some point. Well, that's over. Patriots in the hands of Ukrainians have shown what democracy is capable of.

Together we have proven that the question is not how many missiles our common enemy has, but how many air defense systems we have. Patriots, IRIS-T, NASAMS, Crotale, SAMP-T – they protect life in our cities and thus create a global brand of security for democracy."


Details: Zelenskyy has said that when Ukraine's air defence systems are sufficient to protect all Ukrainian cities, "the world will see what kind of air shield democracy can create".

He has thanked the leaders for their air defence assistance, which has saved thousands of Ukrainian lives from Russian missiles.

Zelenskyy has also emphasised the importance of training pilots on modern fighters, saying that the air shield can only be complete if ground-based air defence systems are supplemented by modern aircraft in the air. 

Quote: "When our pilots know the F16[s] and when these aircraft appear in our skies, it will matter not only for Ukraine. This will be a historic moment for the entire security architecture in Europe and the world."

More details: The Ukrainian leader has addressed each leader separately.

In particular, he has thanked US President Joseph Biden and both parties of the Congress for "giving meaning to the global brand of security for democracy", for leadership, for weapons, for the decision to train pilots.

Quote: "I believe that the wings of our common freedom will be no doubt the strongest in the world! 

Thank you, Olaf, Mr. Chancellor, for your strong will which changes history in favor of democracy, and for the long-term defence and financial support of Ukraine, which gives strength to all of our free Europe. I thank your Government, I thank the Bundestag and all the people of Germany

Thank you, Rishi, dear Prime Minister, for your energy that gives us more visionary and far-reaching capabilities. I believe that your leadership will help to give true force of law when, together with our partners, we’ll create the Tribunal on Russia's aggression. I thank your fellow ministers, the British Parliament and all the British people. 

Thank you, Emmanuel, Mr. President, for protecting the values of the Republic and for the fact that French support of Ukraine is a manifestation of respect for the freedom of nations, for equality in international relations and for fraternity among people. Thank you, France!

Thank you, Giorgia Meloni, for the strength of her character that gives us all strength. I thank the Italian Government, the Parliament and all Italians who support the protection of our people.

Thank you, Justin, dear Prime Minister, for your ability to be the first in many issues. It is very important to bring to results our joint work in Ukraine’s demining, it truly saves lives. I thank the entire political class and all the people of Canada who value peace so much.

Thank you, Charles, thank you, Ursula, for making the European institutions more than institutions. They said once that European Union is a bureaucracy. And you prove that our community is based not on bureaucracy, but on common values which give us a strong course!

Thank you, Fumio, dear Prime Minister, for the obvious leadership of Japan in Asia in protecting international law, thank you for the comprehensive support from your state and your people."

More details: At the end of his speech, Zelenskyy thanked the leaders for supporting the Ukrainian peace formula.

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