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Zelenskyy stresses Bakhmut currently not captured by Russia

Sunday, 21 May 2023, 13:46
Zelenskyy stresses Bakhmut currently not captured by Russia

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, currently in Japan to participate in the G7 summit, has clarified his recent words about Bakhmut, stressing that Russian forces have not entirely captured the city.

Source: Zelenskyy during a press conference in Hiroshima, Japan

Quote from Zelenskyy: "We are holding on and fighting thanks to the courage of our soldiers and our sanity.


We do not leave people to die, people are a treasure to us, and they are the most important thing we have.

There are no misunderstandings. I clearly understand what is happening in Bakhmut. And we all clearly understand why all this is being done.

I can't share the tactical views of our military with you... but we understand that just a little more and we will gain victory...

The military has been performing crucial tasks, they are in Bakhmut, [and] I will not disclose where exactly, but this suggests that Bakhmut is not currently captured by Russia. There can be no two or three interpretations of this."

For reference: Journalists had asked for clarification of Zelenskyy's response, as on the morning of 21 May, the president said that the Russian invaders had not captured Bakhmut, but leading international media misinterpreted his statement, thinking he had said that "the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not control Bakhmut".

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