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Missile strike on Dnipro: 2 killed, 30 injured

Friday, 26 May 2023, 14:02
Missile strike on Dnipro: 2 killed, 30 injured
photo by Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Military Administration

At least two people have been killed and 30 more injured in a Russian attack on the city of Dnipro on 26 May; there has been no contact from another three people.

Source: Serhii Lysak, head of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram; State Emergency Service of Ukraine; Borys Filatov, Mayor of Dnipro, on Telegram

Quote: "So far there have been 23 casualties in Dnipro. 21 of them were taken to hospital as inpatients, three in a serious condition.


The body of a man was retrieved from under the building of a veterinarian clinic that was badly damaged by the Russians. Today’s missile attack on the city of Dnipro claimed the lives of two people."

Details: The first person confirmed dead is a 69-year old man. He was just passing by when the missile hit the city.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported that as a result of the missile attack, a three-storey building within a medical institution was partially destroyed and caught fire. The fire also engulfed a neighbouring building.


The fire in the medical institution, covering an area of 1,000 square metres, was put out. The fire in a one-storey veterinarian clinic covered 200 square metres. Emergency workers have already put it out.

Emergency workers confirmed that two people had been killed at the site, and 23 more, including two children aged three and six, had been injured. 52 rescue workers and 18 items of equipment of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine were involved in the search and rescue operations.

Update: At 16:10, Lysak reported that the impact has damaged residential areas, medical facilities, a veterinary clinic and apartment buildings in the vicinity. The number of people injured has risen to 30.

Quote: "30 people have been injured so far, including two children. There are also three people who may have been here [at the time of the attack – ed.] and have not been in contact with anybody. 

Now everything is covered in glass and parts of enemy projectiles. Everything is saturated with smoke, tears and human grief."

Details: Filatov said that the missile strike had destroyed a psychiatric hospital.

Quote from Filatov: "The missile strike destroyed a branch of one of the medical institutions where psychiatric care was provided – a psychiatric hospital, in other words. There was no military infrastructure nearby.

There could have been more casualties. In fact, people were saved by a miracle. At the time of the attack on the hospital, a shift change was ongoing. And the families of displaced people who had been living temporarily on the second floor of the medical institution had left just a few weeks ago.

So maybe there’ll be another miracle, and we’ll find those health workers with whom there is currently no contact, and the number of victims will not rise any further. "

Filatov said that in total, following the massive overnight missile attack and daytime shelling, there are more than a thousand broken windows in the city: in outpatient clinics and nearby residential buildings, schools and kindergartens, the stadium building and children's out-of-school institutions, and several civilian infrastructure facilities and shopping centres; and there is damage to roofs and communications.


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