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Czech Chief of General Staff admits possibility of NATO war against Russia

Monday, 29 May 2023, 14:33

Czech Chief of the General Staff Karel Řehka has said that there is a possibility of war between Russia and NATO.

Source: European Pravda referring to Novinky

Details: According to him, preparation and deterrence are important to prevent such a scenario.


"A war between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance, which is the worst-case scenario for us, is not impossible, it is possible," the Czech Chief of the General Staff said.

Řehka has noted that the country's armed forces are trying to prepare for a potential intense conflict, as "Russia is now on a trajectory of conflict with the (North Atlantic) Alliance".

"The Czech Republic is a member of NATO, and this brings benefits, but it also imposes certain obligations. Therefore, if a war breaks out, a large number of Czech soldiers will join the fighting in accordance with the Alliance's plans," he added.


Řehka has stressed that given the experience of Russia's war against Ukraine, it is necessary to strengthen national security and, in particular, to overcome dependence on Russian energy supplies as soon as possible.

Background: Last week, Řehka said that Ukraine's upcoming counter-offensive against Russia would not necessarily turn the situation around on the battlefield and called for preparations for a protracted war.

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