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"Glory to Ukraine" is the slogan of chauvinists who killed Jews and Poles – Croatian President

Wednesday, 31 May 2023, 20:28
Glory to Ukraine is the slogan of chauvinists who killed Jews and Poles – Croatian President

Croatian president Zoran Milanović, known for his pro-Russian views, said that the slogan "Slava Ukraini" [Glory to Ukraine] has the same origin as the cry of the Croatian Ustashe, a far-right group that operated in the country during World War II.

Source: European Pravda, referring to N1

Details: During the awards ceremony in Zagreb, Milanović commented to journalists on the use of the Ustashe slogan "Za dom spremni!" [For home – ready!] by right-wing forces, which is officially banned in Croatia.


Quote: "There is no difference between For home – ready! and Glory to Ukraine. This is the cry of the most radical chauvinists in the west of Ukraine, who collaborated with the Nazis and killed thousands of Jews and Poles. I don't want to hear this in Croatia," he said.

"I am not interested in the fact that some leaders are ‘hooked’ on it. Let them come up with a different greeting," the Croatian President added.

For reference: The slogan "Glory to Ukraine" (and the answer "Glory all over the land") has existed at least since the 19th century, and it became widespread in the army of the Ukrainian People's Republic at the beginning of the 20th century, from where it passed to Plast organisations [scouting organisations in Ukraine -ed.].

Background: The Croatian president has repeatedly made pro-Russian statements before. For example, in January, he called for not comparing the situation in Kosovo with the annexation of Crimea, saying that Crimea would never be Ukrainian territory again.

Milanović also stated that Croatia should not provide military assistance to Ukraine and that sending Western tanks to Kyiv would only prolong the war.

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