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Anti-Ukrainian propagandist Prilepin injured in car bombing in Russia

Saturday, 6 May 2023, 12:28
Anti-Ukrainian propagandist Prilepin injured in car bombing in Russia

An Audi car carrying Zakhar Prilepin, a Ukrainophobic writer and member of the political party A Just Russia — For Truth, has been blown up in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

Source: RBC

Details: According to media reports, Prilepin was seriously injured and the driver was killed.


Prilepin’s press service, however, reported that "he is fine".

According to RBC, Prilepin was on his way back to Moscow from occupied Donbas.

On 6 May, he crossed the Russian border. It is known that on the way, he stopped to eat in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. As soon as he continued on his journey, there was an explosion.

The blast was "quite powerful", forming a crater at the site of the explosion.

As a result of the explosion, Prilepin received "leg injuries".

The Atesh resistance movement has claimed responsibility for the assassination attempt on Prilepin.

Reference: Prilepin is a well-known Russian writer and propagandist who has supported Russian-backed separatists in the occupied territories of Donbas since 2014 and actively advocates the war.

Previously: In January, it was reported that Prilepin had "signed a contract with the National Guard of Russia" and "gone to fight in Ukraine".

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