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Netherlands want to procure dozens of Leopard 1 tanks for Ukraine

Thursday, 1 June 2023, 22:37
Netherlands want to procure dozens of Leopard 1 tanks for Ukraine
Tank Leopard, Getty Images

The Dutch government plans to purchase dozens of Leopard 1 tanks for delivery to Ukraine.

Source: Television and radio company NOS, writes European Pravda 

Details: A Swiss company may become the supplier of tanks, sources in The Hague say.


The purchase of tanks still requires the permission of the Swiss government, and they want to stay away from war with Russia as much as possible.

The supply of weapons puts neutrality at risk, as the Swiss said earlier. So the agreement on the purchase of tanks has not yet been concluded.

In late April, it was announced that the Netherlands and Denmark were buying 14 Leopard 2-A4 main battle tanks for Ukraine. They are being purchased from German industry and will be delivered to Ukraine as soon as possible after finalisation of works, probably next year.

These fourteen tanks together cost about EUR€165 million, with the Netherlands and Denmark paying half of this amount. It is unclear how much the Swiss Leopard 1 tanks will cost.

Earlier, it was reported that the Swiss defence concern Ruag had officially submitted to the government an application for the export of 96 Leopard 1 tanks.

Seven years ago, these tanks were purchased in Italy. Switzerland wanted to resell or disassemble them for parts.

It was noted that Ruag wants to sell armoured vehicles for further shipment to Ukraine. First, they will be sent to Germany, to the arms manufacturer Rheinmetall, and then to Ukraine.

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